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A few fic decisions

It's been a few weeks since I stuck my feelers out to see who is still around. I am happy that people have been reading my fics over here and I appreciate every one of your eyeballs.

I have decided that I'm not going to post full versions of my ongoing Kuro fics over here. It seems like few people are reading them strictly over here, plus formatting every chapter on this site takes a lot longer then formatting them on or even DA. With few people reading them over here, it just seems like a waste of my time.

I won't be posting full chapters here, but I will post updates and links to the chapters on and DA. There have been quite a few new chapters of both Bloody Red Doll and This Immortal Coil since I posted them here. I will take a second to give you the links to the updates:

Bloody Red Doll
Last chapter on LJ: 22
Current chapter: 24
Links to chapters 23 onwards

This Immortal Coil
Last chapter on LJ: 8
Current chapter: 10
Links to chapters 9 onwards

I may or may not post any new writing over here, depending on how I feel.

For all your information, This Immortal Coil is getting closer to its sunset. I don't know how many more chapters there will be, but the storyline is really going to start winding down after this next chapter and there will be some huge developments in the next few chapters.

For all my Death Note fans, I do have every intention of updating Best Laid Plans. I know it's been almost a year and a half since I updated that story, but this year and a half has been a massive clusterfuck for me both personally and creatively. It's likely I'll start updating again when This Immortal Coil is over.

I really do want to get back into Death Note. I ended up having a second wind in the Kuro fandom (which will be the subject of another journal entry) but I do want to ease my way back into Death Note again. It made me really sad to lose inspiration for that fandom and I wan to see if I can recapture something now that the fandom has would down.

I do want to post on LJ a little more often. I've been neglecting it but I want to do a little more blogging here than I have.
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